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  • The Pairs Head 2017 will be held on Saturday 14 Oct at midday.

    Entries are now closed.

    The race will start at The Boat Race finish post downstream of Chiswick Bridge and finish at Harrods Wall downstream of Hammersmith Bridge.

    About the Race

    The Pairs Head Committee supports the British Rowing new competition framework and is keen to enable crews of similar ability to race together. We are the first Head race to use the new competition framework.

    In compiling the Draw we applied the following principles;

    The primary factor for deciding pennants is the ranking (CRI points) of the crew.  Where there are more than 10 entries for a category, the group will be split into a maximum of four Pennant categories: Freshers, Club, Intermediate and Championship, see table below for details of banding.

    At the discretion of the Committee a minimum of four entries is required to be eligible for a Pennant.

    Having analysed the entries, and results from previous years, both the new Crew Ranking Index (CRI) and legacy points have been used to verify the assignment of categories. 

    Ranges for points-based categories/bands:

    Pennant CRI  ‘Old’ Points
    Championship 500+ 10
    Intermediate 150 – 499 6 – 9
    Club 40 – 149 2 – 5
    Fresher 0 – 39 0 – 1

    We are using a similar model used at British Masters Championships 2017 for ‘Club’ entry.

    In compiling the Draw the following principles are been applied:

    • Combined age with banded categories – 10 or more entries across combined age categories, banded (CRI and points), no handicaps. Crews may be moved into high bands dependant on entries. Maximum two age categories combined, eg ‘MasB/C 2x Club’, ‘MasB/C Intermediate’
    • Combined age categories –  less than 10 entries across combined age categories, no banding, handicaps will be applied, up to maximum four age categories, eg W MasB/C/D 2-
    • Non combined categories – four or more crews within one age category with no suitable age combination available eg W MasF 2-

    The Pairs Head Committee wants everyone to enjoy their racing experience, and we have endeavoured to apply the new ranking system is the most equitable way possible.  Lessons learned from this race will be fed through to the other Head Race committees in order to develop the racing experience through the season.

    Many thanks and enjoy your racing.

    Note: The application of the category boundaries will be based solely on the information provided to us by British Rowing. If any crews wish to raise a query on the amount points assigned to their crew entry please do so directly with British Rowing, as Pairs Head have no control over ranking points.

    Following the publication of the Draw substitutions that move crews outside of their allocated category/band will mean the crew will have to race Time Only. Note BROE2 does not warn you that the substitution changes will move the crew outside of their current band/category. If you are unsure if your substitution will remain within their band, please contact us.

    Substitutions will be available via BROE2 until 10am on Saturday 14th October. If you need to make a last minute substitution and do not have access to BROE2, contact your Events Secretary who will have a race day contact number.

    Lightweight requirements
    Lightweight Competitors will be required to weigh-in at either Barnes Bridge Ladies RC or Thames RC, arrive together with their BR licences, between 9-11am on race day. To be eligible for the lightweight Pennants Open crew members must weight maximum Lightweight 75 kg, and Women maximum 61.5 kg (Women). There will be weigh-in stations at Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club and Thames Rowing Club.

    Plaques and individual LIDDED POTS will be presented to the crew of the fastest boat finishing the course in each division. 


    The Pairs Head of the River Race is an annual event proudly managed and run by Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club.

  • Entries are now closed. Please ensure you have paid for your crew and provided host club details, or your entry may be rejected. If you have any queries about entries please use our contact form.

  • The Draw v5

    Following feedback on the Draw we have made some updates:

    • Start order fixed where some older categories were incorrectly ahead of potentially faster crews
    • Additional pennant/band – W MasD/E 2x Fresher
    • Reduced Op MasD/E/F 2- to Op MasD/E 2-
    • Combined Op MasF/G/H/I 2-
    • Re-categorised W MasB/C2x to Intermediate, Club

    Please note:

    • Your number may have changed in the latest version of the Draw
    • Check your ‘Boating number location’, this is where your number will be ready to collect on race day. If you think this is incorrect please contact us as soon as possible. Numbers are collated and shipped out on Tuesday 10th October, and cannot be changed after Sunday 9th October

    If you feel that a crew is not correctly placed in the Draw, so that racing would be unsafe for other crews, please contact us, further changes to the order may be accommodated.

    There has been some feedback regarding points-based combined Masters Categories. Our intention is to give all rowers a chance to race with those of similar ability. We have now combined no more than two age categories for points-based bands/categories.


    Mx 2x Championship, Club
    Mx MasB/C 2x Championship, Club
    * Mx MasD/E 2x
    * Mx MasF/G 2x
    Op 2- Championship, Club, Intermediate
    Op 2x Championship, Intermediate, Club
    Op J16 2x Intermediate, Club, Fresher
    Op J18 2- Championship, Intermediate, Club
    Op J18 2x Championship, Intermediate, Club, Fresher
    Op Lwt 2x
    * Op MasB/C 2-
    Op MasB/C 2x Championship, Intermediate
    Op MasD/E 2- Championship, Intermediate
    Op MasD/E 2x Championship, Intermediate
    Op MasF/G 2x Intermediate, Club
    * Op MasF/G/H/I 2-
    Op MasH 2x
    W 2- Championship, Intermediate, Club
    W 2x Championship, Intermediate, Club, Fresher
    W J16 2x Club Intermediate, Club
    W J18 2- Champ Championship, Club
    W J18 2x Champ Championship, Club
    W Lwt 2x
    *W MasB/C/D 2-
    W MasB/C 2x Intermediate, Club
    W MasD/E 2x Intermediate, Club, Fresher
    W MasE 2-
    * W MasF/G 2x

    * Handicaps will be applied

    If you are unhappy with the format of this years race and would like to withdraw your entry, please contact us and we will refund your entry, you have until midday on Thursday 12 October to request to withdraw. We will review the results for this year’s race to inform how we use the CRI for future races.


  • Pairs Head Competitor Information 2017

    Pairs Head Course Diagram 2017

    Pairs Head Marshalling Information 2017 v2

    Pairs Head Bad Weather Process 2017

  • Pairs Head Final Results 2017

    Results from previous years:

  • Prize Giving

    Each year the Pairs Head committee hold a prize giving at the Civil Service Boathouse, home of both Barnes Bridge Ladies and Cygnet Rowing club.

    The Prize Giving will be held on Sunday 29th Oct at midday. Olympian George Nash, will be presenting the prizes.

    Well done all our Pennant Winners in 2016. Thank you to Alan Sinclair, @alansinclair, Jack Beaumontt@jackbeaumontt and John Inverdale for presenting at our Prize Giving 2016. Photos of the event are available to view on our Facebook page.

    Anna Roots Trophy

    Anna Roots Trophy for fastest Women’s Pair

    In 2014 the Pairs Head Committee introduced the Anna Roots Trophy for the fastest Women’s Pair. Anna was tragically killed during a charity cycle ride from John O’Groats to Lands End. Anna was a well loved, successful Tideway rower and regular Pairs Head competitor.


    2016 – French & Statham – University of London

    2015 – Bridget Snaith & Amanda Benson-Skailes – Lea RC

    2014 – Sarah Jones & Madeline Foster – Thames RC

    Amy Gentry Trophy

    Amy Gentry Trophy
    Amy Gentry Trophy

    In 2013 the Pairs Head Committee introduced the Amy Gentry Trophy for year the fastest Women’s Double Sculls.

    This beautiful Trophy, kindly donated by John Langfield and Catti Moss, is a tribute to Amy Gentry, founder of the Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club, celebrated sculler and pioneer of women’s rowing.


    2016 – Parfett & Hart-Winks – University of London 

    2015 – Alice White & Pippa Birch – Composite Star & Arrow and Upper Thames RC

    2014 – Debbie Flood & Fran Rawlings – Leander

    2013 – Charlotte Taylor & Fran Rawlings – Composite Putney Town and Mortlake Anglian & Alpha RC

    Fran Rawlings (previously from MAA) and Debbie Flood, receiving the Amy Gentry Trophy, both rowing for Leander in 2014



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