Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club

Squads & Training

We have two main squads at Barnes Bridge Ladies which, in the spirit of the club, aims to accommodate all types of rowers.

Senior Squad

These ladies are either home grown rowers who have transitioned from our Novice Squad or more experienced rowers who learned to row at other Clubs or Universities.

Performance crews’ focus during the winter are the Head Races and then the multi-lane regattas in preparation for Women’s Henley Regatta. Members wanting to race at a high level will train most days following a high intensity training programme.

We have a number of competive Masters rowers who regularly race at Masters events, such as Henley Masters, European and World Masters.

Senior squad coached water sessions are on a Monday, Thursday evenings & Saturday morning. We have dedicated Strength & Conditioning Coach, sessions are held on Tuesday evening & Sunday morning. Strength & Conditioning coaching requires a small contribution additional to annual subs.

Intermediate Squad

The majority of our Intermediate rowers learned to row at BBLRC. They compete at Novice level in Head and Regattas in the season.

Intermediate squad coached water sessions are on a Wednesday evening, Saturday & Sunday mornings.

To be self sufficient and row solo or with other scullers or rowers, members need to complete a steers test. This involves learning about the safety, tides and tideway rules. Approved steers are able to organise their own outings outside of organised sessions.

We have our very own gym on site ‘The Shed’, included in the membership fees and access to a rowing training tank.

If you are an experienced rower – be it Senior or Intermediate – you can join a session or two to try us out. If you’re interested contact us or read more about joining.

Coaching Team

HEAD COACH – Luca Nicolaou

Luca recently joined Barnes Bridge Ladies as Head Coach. Luca also coaches rowing at St Paul’s School.

ROWING COACH – Kate Pankhurst

Kate’s been involved with rowing since 2014, enrolling on a Learn to Row course at Auriol Kensington, and never looked back. Enjoying some success in competition – a Henley Women’s semi-final in 2017 and three medals at the British Rowing Indoor Championship between 2016 and 2018 (one gold, one silver, one bronze). Kate has been coaching the sport both at Auriol Kensington and Barnes Bridge Ladies where she’s looked after the Novice Squad since 2020.

Kate’s main objective as a coach is to instill her love for rowing and motivate athletes to reach their goals. She always looks to get the very best out of them, sharing my own experience, knowledge and passion for the sport.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING – Charlie Girdler-Maslen

From a young age Charlie has been involved in a range of competitive sports, with a particular focus on rowing, rugby, and Olympic weightlifting. More recently Charlie has completed a degree in Strength and Conditioning Science, and is currently studying Applied S&C (MSc) at St Mary’s University whilst maintaining part-time coaching roles at rowing and weightlifting clubs.

Charlie enjoys being involved with all levels of experience and abilities at BBL, and loves the friendly yet competitive atmosphere in training sessions. His role at the club is to provide Strength and Conditioning support to any members who want to get faster and stronger on the water. Charlie’s main aim as a strength and conditioning coach is to apply scientific principles to improve force and power production during performance, and to prevent the risk of injury.