The Committee helps to run the club and enables us to continue growing in size and success.

Committee for 2023/24:

The Captaincy is made up of Captain Sharon and Vice/Deputy Captains Sarah and Astrid B.  The Captaincy sets the overall direction for the Club & Coaches. The Novices are overseen by Novice Captains Siobahn and Jean.

The Committee also includes:

  • Treasurer Sarah, who keeps the accounts in check and helps us to make financial decisions.
  • Safety Officer Astrid M, who oversees club safety and audits.
  • Social Secretaries Nicki and Zahra, who organise events throughout the year and liaise with Cygnet Social Secretary for joint socials.
  • Secretary Bec, who keeps records of members details and minutes meetings.
  • Membership Kate, who looks after new joiner sign ups and data.
  • Webmaster Whitney, who looks after the club’s web and social media presence.