Pairs Head Results 2020

Overall positionCrew NoTimeMas adjCatClubCrewComp codePos in CatPenaltyTime only
1114:17.4Op 2x ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolBourne / O'Mahony1
2214:28.8Op 2x ChampionshipSt Pauls School Boat ClubO'Sullivan / Middleton2
33114:43.2Op 2- ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolBrown / Stevenson1
45414:51.0W 2x ChampionshipLondon, University of, Boat ClubCraig / GrantULO/CUW1
5414:51.4Op 2x ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolBlake / Sanders3
63414:55.4Op 2- ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolBetteley / Valt2
7614:59.5Op Junior 2xSt Pauls School Boat ClubGillard / Kwok1
83215:09.7Op 2- ChampionshipQuintin Boat ClubMiller / Ewing3
9515:17.7Op 2x ChampionshipPutney Town Rowing ClubDuncomb / Diserens4
101415:20.4Op 2x ClubTideway Scullers SchoolFields / Thompson1
114715:20.6Op MasC 2-Putney Town Rowing ClubMale / Morgan1
122015:23.214:59.3Op MasC/D 2xPutney Town Rowing ClubHickling / Chiocca1
131715:27.1Op 2x ClubSons of the Thames Rowing ClubHaeata / Halsall2
143315:30.6Op 2- ChampionshipTeam Keane Sculling SchoolParnell / Parnell4
154115:44.8Op 2- ClubTideway Scullers SchoolBubb-Humfryes / Budenberg1
164615:46.7Op MasB 2-Thames Tradesmen's Rowing ClubBulmer / Jack1
173715:48.9Op Junior 2-St Pauls School Boat ClubRizk / Ackrim1
185315:53.3W 2x ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolScheske / Walters2
19715:54.5Op Junior 2xTeam Keane Sculling SchoolRussell Thompson / Scott2
205815:56.5W 2x ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolBloomer / Polglase3
213916:03.3Op 2- ClubAuriol Kensington Rowing ClubKüng / Whitehead2
228616:04.3W 2- ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolWagstaff / Terry1
232716:04.4Op MasF 2xQuintin Boat ClubAquilina / Hyslop1
244516:09.5Op MasB 2-Team Keane Sculling SchoolKeane / Taylor2P
254016:10.9Op 2- ClubEast India Club Rowing SectionAmin / Sherry3
262316:11.0Op MasE 2xTideway Scullers SchoolBridger / McChesney1
272616:15.1Op MasF 2xSons of the Thames Rowing ClubScrine / Whittle2
283816:16.9Op 2- ClubQuintin Boat ClubColdwell / Turakhia4
298716:19.1W 2- ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolBrown / Metalli2
305516:25.2W 2x ChampionshipMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubZakers / Engelsman4
315716:27.7W 2x ChampionshipMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubBrooks / Webb5
32816:28.1Op Junior 2xEmanuel School Boat ClubMead / Dangour3
334316:28.3Op 2- ClubThames Tradesmen's Rowing ClubDillon / Clements5
341316:28.7Op 2x ClubSons of the Thames Rowing ClubEwing / Watson3
35916:29.9Op Junior 2xKew House School Boat ClubOverend / Ballantyne4
364416:30.9Op MasB 2-Sons of the Thames Rowing Clubde Lagarde / Thompson3
372416:31.9Op MasE 2xBentham Boat ClubKoepp / Bates2
381916:32.4Op MasB 2xAuriol Kensington Rowing ClubBurmester / Fesenko1
395916:34.7W Junior 2xTideway Scullers SchoolWaddington / Regan1
408916:36.0W 2- ChampionshipTideway Scullers SchoolCowan / O'Keeffe3
411816:36.3Op MasB 2xBentham Boat ClubPerez-Milans / Rognoni2
421216:37.7Op Junior 2xTeam Keane Sculling SchoolPatrick / Chandan5
431616:38.1Op 2x ClubMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubDillon / Sims4
441016:39.8Op Junior 2xEmanuel School Boat ClubRoope / Frost6
457316:41.2W MasC 2xMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubGapper / Ramsden1
466916:49.8W MasB 2xMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubSacre / Cassini1
472516:50.3Op MasE 2xTideway Scullers SchoolRatcliffe / Earnshaw3
487416:57.8W MasC 2xBarnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubBakkeren / Stackhouse2
496416:59.2W 2x ClubSons of the Thames Rowing ClubTurnock / Hills1
501116:59.8Op Junior 2xKew House School Boat ClubStanworth / Adams0TO
514217:00.0Op 2- ClubQuintin Boat ClubRyan / Nash6
525617:01.0W 2x ChampionshipMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubWatson / Gowan6
537617:06.8W MasD 2xMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubRolfsman / Bell-Syer1
547117:07.5W MasB 2xPutney Town Rowing ClubCulley / Lenz2
555117:09.215:32.2Mx MasE/F 2xMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubCook / Carpenter1
566117:14.1W Junior 2xTeam Keane Sculling SchoolRaymond / Weir2
576017:16.1W Junior 2xEmanuel School Boat ClubVarley / McAuliffe3
587017:16.6W MasB 2xPutney Town Rowing ClubShepherd / In der Rieden3P
596217:16.8W Junior 2xEmanuel School Boat ClubVarley / Kitchen4
602917:23.515:06.5Op MasG/H 2xQuintin Boat ClubPeel / St John Bagnall1
612117:23.816:39.8Op MasC/D 2xTideway Scullers SchoolAdebiyi / Height2
625217:25.716:13.7Mx MasE/F 2xSons of the Thames Rowing ClubSmith / Mackie2
637917:30.5W MasE 2xTideway Scullers SchoolBetts / Primmer1
644817:31.416:27.4Op MasE/G 2-Thames Tradesmen's Rowing ClubArnold / Hindley2
659217:38.9W 2- ClubPutney Town Rowing ClubCarboo / Warren1
667817:40.2W MasD 2xSons of the Thames Rowing ClubCarstensen / Cooper2
679117:40.3W 2- ClubBarnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubLewis / Steedman2
685017:50.3Mx 2xWestminster, University of, Boat ClubBailey / Anderson1
696317:53.5W Junior 2xTeam Keane Sculling SchoolParkin / Zirps5
709017:54.6W Junior 2-Tideway Scullers SchoolMcWilliam / Steven1
718317:54.915:34.9W MasF/H 2xBarnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubDarling / SimsBBL/KRC1
728217:59.716:32.7W MasF/H 2xTideway Scullers SchoolSixsmith / Hickmott2
737718:00.7W MasD 2xTideway Scullers SchoolKentish / Jarman3
749418:01.0W 2- ClubPutney Town Rowing ClubDawson / FOXTON3
756518:01.5W 2x ClubSons of the Thames Rowing ClubScrine / Sucka2
763018:03.716:15.7Op MasG/H 2xPutney Town Rowing ClubRose / Brecknock2
778818:05.7W 2- ChampionshipAuriol Kensington Rowing ClubSmith / O'Sullivan4
782218:06.217:42.2Op MasC/D 2xSons of the Thames Rowing ClubBlackhurst / Lincoln3
792818:10.8Op MasF 2xPutney Town Rowing ClubRogers / Debois3
804918:11.316:20.3Op MasE/G 2-Putney Town Rowing ClubAdams / Metzger1
818418:11.616:44.6W MasF/H 2xTideway Scullers SchoolLawrence / Al-Janabi3
821518:11.7Op 2x ClubLondon School Of Economics Rowing ClubFricker / Wilcock5
839718:12.418:03.4W MasB/C 2-Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubCahill / Saary1
848518:16.316:49.2W MasF/H 2xMortlake Anglian & Alpha Boat ClubHurley / McHutchon4
859318:17.0W 2- ClubAuriol Kensington Rowing ClubCouper / Hardwick4
866618:25.6W 2x ClubBarnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubWeston / Sugarman3
877218:33.7W MasB 2xPutney Town Rowing ClubMoore / Pontes de Freitas4
889618:41.9W 2- ClubPutney Town Rowing ClubDicks / Cerasuolo5
899818:48.218:22.2W MasB/C 2-Auriol Kensington Rowing ClubRaffaele / Pankhurst2
908018:58.3W MasE 2xAuriol Kensington Rowing ClubSargent / HowardAKN/FSC2
917519:15.3W MasC 2xAuriol Kensington Rowing ClubFontaine / Fahey3
926719:33.9W 2x ClubBarnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubWarrick / Gourdon-Kanhukamwe4
936819:34.2W 2x ClubBarnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubHedtke / Mayrhofer5
949919:52.619:43.6W MasB/C 2-Putney Town Rowing ClubMaury / Duggan3
959520:08.9W 2- ClubAuriol Kensington Rowing ClubDix / Major6
968120:12.3W MasE 2xBarnes Bridge Ladies Rowing ClubCox / Dick3