Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club

Already a rower?

Experienced rower?

We’re always welcome experienced rowers, scullers and coxes.

Many of our members have learnt to row elsewhere and have come to Barnes Bridge after some time on dry land.

For some it’s a small gap, for example post uni whilst getting into working life. For others, it can be a few (or many) years as they have gone off to have families or focus on their careers.

Whatever your situation, if you have that yearning to get back in a boat, don’t worry about being a bit rusty.¬† Get in touch, come down and have a try, and we’ll slot you in to where ever you fit in best.

Please contact us, we can arrange a visit and you can come and try us out.

For more information about membership fees – please see joining details.

New to rowing – Learn to Row @BBLRC – Read more!