Already a rower?

We always welcome experienced rowers and coxes.  Whilst many of our rowers are home grown, with our Get Fit & Row course, many of our members learnt to row elsewhere.

If you have the yearning to get back in a boat, don’t worry about being a bit rusty.  Some of our rowers have taken a small gap on dry land, for example post uni whilst getting into working life. Others have taken a longer gap spanning a few (or many) years, as they have gone off to have families or focus on their career.

Please contact us, we can arrange a visit and you can come and try us out.  We will slot you in to wherever you fit in best.

If you have never rowed before we do run a course for complete beginners who want to learn to row.  More information on this can be found at Get fit and row @BBLRC.