This week

I hope you’re enjoying some rest and a little bit of something different.

Jo, David and I are busily organising the upcoming weeks.

With the success of the Head races now is the time we start to think about Women’s Henley. We have had a great season so far, so we have an opportunity to have a great regatta season.

Firstly, please let me know if you are looking to race at Henley. If you are, then please make sure you update your availability for Wallingford (6 May) and Met (2 June) regattas. These are key races in the season in preparation for Henley. UPDATE SHEET

Next week we will be focusing on ergs – both technique and getting the most out of erg sessions. Jo and David will be around to supervise. More details on which days the sessions will be held shortly. LOOK OUT FOR EMAIL RE ERGS NEXT WEEK

Lactate testing – David has kindly offered to complete some lactate testing. This is all about your fitness and how your body is trained to deal with lactic acid when you do high intensity training/races. It will also help you get more out of your training sessions on the erg. Specialist companies charge up to £90 to do a test, whereas David is happy to do it for £5 per person! We’d really like to test those people who are looking to race at Henley, or simply the people who are interested. It will take a little bit of organising, as only a few people can do the test at a time.

I’ve added a sheet to the current availability sheet that says Henley and lactate. UPDATE SHEET