Captains Log 02/02

Hello all

A bit of a delay before the first full captain’s log of the year – Perhaps in future we should replace with podcasts direct from the erg!

It’s been a really good start to the year – crew selection for the intermediate boats three crews racing at Quintin, and our two new coxes getting out in all conditions and responding amazingly to everything we (and the Tideway) can throw at them.

The BBLRC cycling club made its debut in Richmond Park yesterday – but a combination of an outing to Richmond lock that morning, a horrible headwind and a series of mechanicals meant that no records were broken – this time.

Lots to look forward to, and a few reminders Sportsnight, 20 February If you haven’t already, please do buy your ticket for this and please do encourage friends and family to buy tickets. This should be a great evening, and we’re incredibly lucky to have John Inverdale organising such amazing guests, so let’s make it worth his while.

Sculling camp
You’ll have seen an email from Matt Byrne about sculling camp on 5/6 April. This is a great opportunity to learn to scull on quiet water, socialise with other BBLRCers and Cygnets, and drink a lot of tea and generally enjoy not being in London. It’s open to everyone and I’d strongly encourage anyone who wants to learn how to scull or get in some more practice to go along. Novices definitely very welcome!

Training camp – Gloucestershire, 10-13 April
We’ll also be emailing round shortly about our annual training camp at the Wycliffe boathouse in Gloucestershire. Anyone who wants to be considered for a Henley crew should definitely try to come, but it is open to other members and is a great ( though tough) opportunity to build fitness and technique.

Once you’ve done 20k to Gloucester and back the Pink House will seem like a breeze. We stay in rented cottages and do the catering ourselves – an email will be going round shortly asking for you to sign up and giving detail on costs. Put the date in your diary! Housekeeping bits and pieces Usual really: Make sure you’ve paid subs or signed up for a direct debit and let Ellie know if any problems.

Make sure racing fees are paid promptly.

Keep the club and boathouse tidy – I am about as far from OCD as it is possible to get, and even I have noticed a few things – blades mixed up, video camera abandoned in bar.

We’re definitely putting in the hard miles at the moment, and the river conditions don’t make it any easier. You will be tired- make sure you’re resting and eating properly (and keep doing the core exercises!) and remember that all of this will make racing so much easier.