Borne Regatta, 9th May 2015

It’s Borne Regatta tomorrow it’s always a fabulous day, in no small part due to many of the organisers being the same wonderful people who keep BBL & Cygnet organised on a day in and day out basis. If you’re wondering exactly who, have a look at who isn’t in a boat tomorrow (and then say thank you to them!).

SuCo and JoB have excelled themselves putting together the mixed IVs and we can’t wait to see who will win  between the Lemon Tarts and Spotted Dicks (good thing they are mixed boats!) or if the Sherry Trifles will apple crumble at the hands of Eton Mess. Some crews are gunning for knickerbocker glory and none want to look like a gooseberry fool.

Do come down and cheer the crews on, plus expect there to be drinks in the bar afterwards, hopefully drunk from pewter.

0915: W Nov 1x Sharon (114)
0920: W Nov 1x Sian (116)
1340: W Mas B/C 4x HMs (48)
1554: Mx 4+ blue on blue
1630: Mx 4+ blue on blue

And Cygnets:
0830: Nov 4+ (23)
1030: Nov 1x Guy du P (107)
1600: Mas C/D 1x Guy, again (122)
1748: IM3 8+ (2)