Captain’s Update – 16th September

Oh I love all this rowing!

We have 6 crews training for Pairs Head, as well as a regular squad of 12 or more filling an 8 and a 4x nearly every outing this week – a veritable Barnes Bridge Ladies Flotilla!  The Novice squad is still as keen as mustard, fighting to get in the shed (yes, really) and not minding when they actually have to train otw in the rain.  The GFAR course is still going strong, with 3 groups training at every session.
Many thanks to all of you who are helping with erg demos, tank demos, coxing the Novices, sitting the Novices, Coaching the Novices and just smiling and being lovely.  I have heard many comments about what a friendly and welcoming Club we are. Hurrah!
This weekend is Sculling Camp down at Cygnets Bungalow in Shepperton and I look forward to seeing many of you there – on the bank and in the river!
Circuits will start again next Tuesday evening 22nd 7pm at Cavendish School in Edensor Road. Same venue, new trainer.  We are sorry to see Greg go, but delighted to welcome Maxi to the front of the hall.  Expect new and different abuse as you struggle with the dreaded burpees.
Check this out ladies!
A totally new race format has landed;  Andy Triggs Hodge is organising an event for scullers on Sunday 11th October at Osterly Park. Preliminary races in the morning, with knockout rounds in the afternoon between 1 and 3pm.  Singles and pairs, 3 side by side, every 2 minutes.  Should be fun – go see (or better still – race!)
The BBL Pairs Head is still to come on Saturday10th October – you have received requests for launch driving  from Sue Cole and for Parking/ Boating marshalls from Nick Bates. Look out for a chance to join the timing team or help with catering.
And finally we have all been cordially invited to join Cygnets for the Cygnets Henley Lunch on Saturday 24th October at Leander Club.
Happy Days!