!!! NEW !!! The order window for kit is open NOW: 30th October – 16th November, 2015, from our fabulous new supplier, Godfrey, details of all the available kit are here, but please read below for some guidance.

The amount of kit you can have is endless and even if you baulk at the idea initially, soon enough you’ll forget you’re in lycra even if you never quite learn to love it… but some do!

As a minimum, everyone who wishes to race must have a blue ‘all in one’ as it is a requirement of the British Rowing that the crew race in club kit. Some people like to have a short or long sleeved top underneath which should either be a club blue top from Godfrey, or may be white. Likewise leggings, if desired, should be worn underneath the all in one and be club kit from Godfrey or black. Go crazy on the socks!

Many ladies like to wear a cap or visor to keep the sun off faces and hair out of eyes. It’s up to you what you want, but the most popular style around the boathouse are these ones as they match our colours, are breathable and most importantly don’t seem to fall apart in the washing machine. If you want something warmer for winter, club beanie’s are available from Godfrey.

You will also find a breathable, outermost top useful for training – this can be a club splashtop (Godfrey) or any other type.

Anyone who regularly rows in the bow seat or stroke seat of any size of boat should have a high-viz yellow outer layer for visibility in the dark to comply with the Thames Tideway Code of Practice for Rowing.

As with other sports, many layers are preferable to just a couple of thick layers so you put more on/off through an outing. Bear in mind we row in all weathers and it can be sub zero for the whole duration of a winter outing which might be 90mins+. It is your responsibility to dress appropriately and you can always stash layers in the boat.

Club kit is available via Godfrey. We try to keep the amount you have to spend as reasonable as possible, but please remember if you are racing and representing the club you will need the appropriate outermost layer. Plus don’t forget, crews which looks the part always go faster!