Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club

Results 2014/15

We’re a bit behind, but here’s one for now…

Women’s Head of the River Race

BoatOverall positionPosition in categoryTimeCrew
9/30 (IM3 Club)
24/131 (IM3)
Sophie Tomlinson
Clemmy Fontaine
Cara Cahill
Sarah Thompson
Abi Adjel
Kezia Lopez
Lucy Fry
Emilie Scott
Cox - Anna Costantini
W.Mas F.8+114



Composite crew
W.Mas C.8+

22312/1424:19:6Sharon Leow
Helena Smith
Jo Broadhurst
Michelle Weiss
Hope Bromell
Karen Gregory
Ania W
Rachel Hollis
Cox - Simon Suthers
W.Nov.8+27913/1725:45:5Amy Leitch
Alexa Gannon
Charlotte Williams
Gillian Connor
Karen Richard
Sophia Postoyko
Lorna Sutton
Rebecca - Sons of the Thames
Cox - Katy Baldwin