June news

Dear all

Its been a busy few weeks of racing, with some great results. We decided to put some crews into Nottingham to get some additional multi-lane racing experience for crews not racing at Wallingford. The Vets Ladies are doing very well with wins at Masters Championships and Peterborough.

This weekend was Met Regatta at Dorney Lake. Fours each doubled up in categories I’m thrilled to let you know we had medals in a win in the Women’s Senior category. The second Four repeated their solid performance at IM3 making it into the semifinal. The double performed very well racing at IM1 winning their heat and coming a very respectable third in the final.

Its only two weeks until Women’s Henley. So good luck to all the crews, we have two racing in Intermediate 4+ and a lightweight 2x. If you are heading to Henley the crews will really appreciate your support.

Another important date is Saturday 14 July. We’ve secured a spot at the Barnes Fair (thanks to Sara Jarman). We’ll be holding an erg competition to raise money for the club. If you have any prizes that we could offer, they would be gratefully appreciated.

Recent results:

Nottingham Regatta
W Int 3 4+: 1/6 -> 2/6
W Int 2 4+: 2/4 -> 3/6
W Int 1 2x: 5/5
W Int 2 2x: 3/4

Masters Championships
W Mas E/F 1x: 1/1 WIN!
W Mas D/E/F 4x: 1/4 WIN! (Jacky Darling representing BBLRC with Thames)

Peterborough Regatta
W Int 1 4x: 3/4
W Mas B/C 4x: 1/2 WIN!

Twickenham Regatta
W Nov 4+: lost to Twickenham

Met Regatta
Saturday racing
W Sen 4+: 1/3 WIN!
W Int 1 4+: 3/6
W Int 2 4+: 6/6
W Int 3 4+: 2/6 -> SF 5/6
W Int 1 2x: 1/6 -> F 3/6
Sunday racing
W Int 2x: 5/7