Vet’s Head & HORR 28th & 29th March

It’s the grand finale weekend of the Head Season and we have boat loads of crews on the river to support. We’re also looking forward to welcoming our friends from Benrath for their annual UK visit and cheering on our boathouse brothers, Cygnet. The bar will be busy, the catering corps will be out and all we need now is the weather to hold….

The ones to watch:

Saturday Vet’s Head

#16 Cygnet Mas B
#81 Benrath Mas E
#122 Mx Mas F Composite (Jackie & pals)
#129 Mas B (Stackhouse)
#138 Mas C Composite (Hilary & pals)
#155 Cygnet Mas F Composite (Wylie & pals)
#183 Mas D (Walisiewicz)
#198 Mas B Nov (Pack)

In the HORR on Sunday: Cygnet novices #286

Look forward to seeing you all at the boathouse!