Captain’s Update 30/6/15

A quick update this week. Firstly, well done to everyone who raced this weekend. We came away with pots for the IM3 quad and the cygnet pair, and the IM3 8 had a very strong race and got through to the final. Also, well done to the Henley crew, who unfortunately go knocked out in the Quarter finals on the Saturday to Royal Chester, but well done for getting so far, you looked really strong and gave them a very tough race.
Two important dates for the diary –

16th July 8pm – Boathouse executive AGM

22nd July 6.45pm – BBL  Captains meeting (AGM with Captaincy elections)
Election forms are up in the club house for the executive positions and will shortly be going up for BBL captaincy. I have included a note at the bottom of this update with the BBL captain roles and current post holders from 2015 for information. Please feel free to chat with me or the current post holder about one of the roles if you are interested in standing or more details.
Please remember the next love your boat day is on Sunday (5th July) where we are also having an open day for new starters on the get fit and row course. Please come down to help as we have lots of jobs to be done and if you see anyone lost or even a passer by who looks slightly interested in finding out more about rowing please have a chat with them and send them towards me or one of the other helpers for a tour and a quick erg!
There will be plenty of us heading to Henley this Friday to soak up the atmosphere, watch some rowing and have a picnic; so I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Let Marj know if you are joining in for the picnic and what you’re bringing so we don’t all bring the same thing.
Also a reminder from cygnet over the House of Lords drinks and Canapés on the 17th July. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most, to go into the exclusive areas within the houses of parliament and be one of the smug people sat on the best terrace on the river in London. We are definitely privileged to be invited, so why not join in! Have a look on the cygnet website for more information . If you want to go and not sure who else is, just drop me a line as there will be other friendly faces you can go with! This is a one off to celebrate 125 years of cygnet rc.
The PLA is currently consulting on the new code if practice, so please take a look at

Captain, Clare Stuart-Adams, leads Captaincy meetings about crews, oversees the committee – makes the general decisions about crews and boats. Sits on the Boathouse Executive and ensures BBLRC continuity from season to season.

Deputy Captains, Sarah Powell & Katy Baldwin, arrange outings for Development & Performance Squads and enter all crews to races

Vice Captain, Sian Kunert, assists decisions and organises training camps and off tideway training session

Novice Captain, Sarah Thompson, looks after newcomers to the club and manages the Novice squad

Happy Mondays Captain, Jo Broadhurst, manages the Happy Mondays squad – our recreational rowers