Captains Log 06/10

An extra update this week – so much to say!

Christmas party
7 December at a venue in Barnes – save the date!  Also, advance notice that we are planning to run a fundraising event early next year – with some top sporting guests  thanks to John Inverdale.  More details to follow …

Safety reporting

Since last week’s safety briefing, I have been in 3 reportable incidents that were entirely not my fault (am I the bringing of bad luck? Who can say).  Anyway, if you are involved in anything – whether you are at fault or not, please let me know, so I can report it and so we can consider whether there’s anything we need to review as a club (maybe not letting me out  in boats any more)

Sculling pod
As suggested by Sarah, we’re planning to make it easier for people to go out in sculling pods.  I will be setting up a sculling mailing list, so if anyone is going out in a single and fancies company they can let other scullers know, and an online sign-up sheet, so you can sign up and indicate which boat you are planning to use. Please let me know if you would like to be added to the mailing list and to have access to the sign-up sheet.


A few more at weights this week, but would be good to see more of you – intermediates, Happy Mondays and novices.  Kevin is going to struggle to make 9.30 on Sundays and has suggested he could come on Saturdays. I have set up a survey here -please vote to indicate which day you could do (if you could do both, please indicate).  Weights are a great part of training and strongly recommended.   We’ll take a decision next Sunday, so please let me know if you have a preference by then.

Development squad
We are setting up a development squad, as part of the intermediate squad.  This will be focused on equipping new intermediate rowers with  technique and base fitness, but will be open to all rowers who want to progress into (or in)  the intermediate squad but want more targeted coaching.  Training sessions will be at the same time as the rest of the intermediate squad.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Pairs head – Sunday 13 October

Good luck to Sharon+Kate, Clemmy+Abby, Nic+Lucy and Zoe+Annabelle competing in Sunday’s pairs head.  Recent Sunday morning time trials suggest there should be some exciting BBL racing.

The race starts at 11.15 –  all club members are encouraged to come down to the boathouse on Sunday morning to cheer the BB ladies on, soak up the race day atmosphere, and sell a sandwich or two to hungry rowers – which brings me on to …

Thanks to those of you have volunteered.  I’ve added a sign up sheet on google docs – link here. Please put your name next to the slots you can do, to help Claire with assigning tasks.   And don’t forget to bake a cake and bring it down to the club – cakes are as important as ergs for BB Ladies!

Sarah and Zoe are on the hunt for timing volunteers – please email Zoe  zoeguiniven at   if you can help (and only if you also promise to make a cake!)

Phew! Think that is all – have a good week!