Happy Mondays News

Happy Mondays had a great Head Season this year, thanks to all at BBLRC for their support getting us out on the water with launches, coaches and coxes when we needed it. We raced Vets Fours, Quintin, and Vets Heads, and enjoyed a sunny BBQ watching our lovely BBL Women’s Head crews race past. Special thanks to J, our Top Cox through thick and thin, and to Lynne who coached large in every sense of the word!

We are now into Regatta training. lining up an eight, a quad and a double for Barnes & Mortlake International Regatta.

We’ve picked up some very welcome new members, one of whom has bravely jumped into stroke seat for the Regatta crew after the briefest of introductions! Our very newest has all the kit but may not be ready to stroke a boat for a while…. Welcome to Dylan Woolley, and congratulations to Lynne and Justin!

Our newest Happy Monday all kitted out!
Our newest Happy Monday all kitted out!
Happy Mondays shore support team! Women's Head 2014
Happy Mondays shore support team! Women’s Head 2014