And easy there!

So that’s it, months of never ending ergs and layers upon layers of lycra to fend off the cold, 20 minutes (give or take..) of hooning it down the river and the Head season is over!

The last of the 2018 head races for BBL took place last weekend; Vesta Vets Head.  Barnes Bridge were throwing a Masters C 4x, a Masters C 8+, and almost of half of a Masters E 8+ composite, into the mix of 200 odd crews venturing out onto the river that day. 

Not a bad round of results, with the composite nabbing the pennant by over ten seconds, and the Masters quad coming in third in their category.

A recap from one of the crew brings to life the Masters C 8+ experience:

We settled well into our rhythm before Barnes Bridge, with some great support outside the White Hart and on the hard at BBL. Two crews including Marlow pushed through us in the first mile, who went on to take 2nd in our category. 
Our fantastic cox, Anna called for the length and power strokes to get us over the two mile point into Hammersmith Bridge. A huge cheer from Cygnets really helped in the last stretch on to Putney embankment. We held off Milton Keynes RC in the closing stages with a strong finish. Swedish Daim chocolate from our Stroke Kristina helped our post race energy crash, to get us home! 
It was a brilliant experience especially rowing the iconic course the day after The Boat Races. 

Rewinding to WEHORR, an eventful race for the ladies this year with all three crews swapping rowers in and out at the last minute, and not so last minute due to injury and illness.  Regardless the ladies put on a good show, with the top boat landing 65 overall, a great step up from last year’s 88.

So on to training camp and the regatta season beyond.  Here’s to putting away the thermal leggings, pogies and woolly hats, we’ll see you in December!